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3, Tykha str, Uzhgorod, 88000, Ukraine
phone/fax #+38 03122 35400

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/: (03122)35400

State Enterprise
Transcarpathian Regional Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center
Our Colleagues

Serhij Pitsur

About Us

State Enterprise "Transcarpathian Regional Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center" is located at the following address: 3 Tyha street, Uzhgorod. The Center is established with the purpose to fulfill state functions in the area of standardization, metrology, certification and state custody over the compliance to the requirements of standards, norms and rules. The Center also renders services to the business activity subjects within the limits specified by the current legislation and the Center Statute.

SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" has accreditation of the State Committee of Ukraine to perform:

  • state control testing of measuring devices (accrediting certificate # DK 014-99 of September 17, 1999);
  • verification and calibration of measuring devices (accrediting certificate # DK 014-99 of September 17, 1999) and repairs of balance and weights

SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" is also accredited in the Ukrainian state product certification system - UkrSEPRO certification system - since 1965 as the product and service certification body (accrediting certificate # UA 4.001.027 dated 10.09.2001).

Area of accrediting the certification body includes the following types of products and services:

  • food products and raw materials;
  • oil and oil products;
  • building materials, products and constructions;
  • hotel and catering services provided to the tourism activity subjects;
  • light industry products;
  • detergents;
  • individual protection means;
  • technological equipment for food, meat and milk industry, trade enterprises, catering enterprises, food preparation units;
  • metal processing and wood processing equipment;
  • electrical household appliances, equipment and complete products;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal utensils, delft and glass ware;
  • toys;
  • packing.

The above products and services are certified for their compliance to mandatory requirements specified by the Ukrainian law concerning human life and health provision, property protection as well as environmental protection.

Contact phones: 61-75-55, 3-54-00.

Testing laboratory of the SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" carries out the following works:

  • certification testing of food products and raw material for their compliance to the normative documentation in accordance with safety, physical, chemical and organoleptic indices;
  • certification and other types of building material testing;
  • testing of products for their compliance with specifications;
  • radiological testing of building materials, raw material and products.

The SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" laboratory has been established on 01.03.1994 and is accredited for the technical competence and independence in the UkrSEPRO accrediting system (accrediting certificate # UA 6.001.H.300 dated 07.09.2001).

Contact phone: 61-41-08.

Information services

  • consultations on the problems of validity of normative documents, amendments of the above documents, clarification of separate provisions of current methodical and normative documents on the problems of standardization, metrology and certification;
  • consultation on the problems of determination of classification signs of the products and services (DKPP) and normative documents of the Ukrainian normative document classifier (UKND);
  • consultations on the problems of specification development;
  • methodical assistance on the problems of product manufacturing startup;
  • selection of normative documents in the specific area (subject);
  • issuance of normative documents for temporary use;
  • assistance in purchasing the normative documents and actualization of documentary fund of enterprises and organizations.

The SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" also provides the small and medium business enterprises with organizational and methodical assistance in the development and implementation of the quality management systems.

Registration of specifications

The SE "Zakarpatstandartmetrologia" provides registration of specifications and amendments made in specifications developed by the Transcarpathian enterprises. Specifications for the serial and mass production products and services, developed, agreed and approved in accordance with the requirements of the state standard of Ukraine 1.3-93 pertain to the registration.

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